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Part Number: EGO-10023
Price: $40.00

Keyswitch with two keys for newer model eGO Cycle electric scooters (manufactured after spring 2006). This key switch has a black plastic bezelMore Info

Part Number: EGO-10020
Price: $30.00

This is the chrome-plated keyswitch for older model eGO Cycle electric scooters with key switch wires that have push-on terminals. A simple visualMore Info

Part Number: EGO-10021
Price: $35.00

eGO Cycle chrome keyswitch with 3 positions (Go Far/Off/Go Fast) for some eGO Cycle electric scooter models made in 2006 and earlier. This is theMore Info

Part Number: EGO-10019
Price: $24.95

Key switch with solder terminals for the eGO 1 electric scooter. This key switch is for the eGO 1 and it is not compatible with the eGO 2. TheMore Info

Part Number: EGO-10342
Price: $30.00

Kickstand for eGO Cycle Classic and LX models. This kickstand has a double spring-action design and a durable glossy black finish. Old part number:More Info

Part Number: EGO-10046
Price: $8.00

Replacement lens for the "Cat Eye" style brake light. For the eGO Cycle LX and SE models.

Part Number: EGO-10040
Price: $10.00

This tail light cover is square and goes with EU-style eGO / Helio Cycles with directionals. There is a gray 12 volt DC converter in these bikes. OldMore Info

Part Number: EGO-10042
Price: $6.00

Amber turn signal indicator lens cover for eGO Cycle LX and LX-Special edition models. Fits the front and rear and the left and right turn signals.

Part Number: EGO-10041
Price: $4.00

Turn signal lens cover for older versions of the eGO Cycle. This lens has a honeycomb pattern. Fits the front and rear and the left and right turnMore Info

Part Number: EGO-10011
Price: $10.00

eGO Cycle electric scooter 36" cable lock. Everyone wants an eGO, and some people might want yours. Keep your eGO secure with this strongMore Info

Part Number: EGO-10095
Price: $50.00

This is the main harness compatible with the SC controller for the eGO Classic model (no turn signals). Old part number: 600022

Part Number: EGO-10096
Price: $70.00

Main wiring harness for eGO Cycle LX and SE models with SC controller. Old part number: 600015

Part Number: EGO-10014
Price: $35.00

A small and powerful tire pump capable of 100 PSI, includes a pressure gauge. It's not designed to mount to your eGO, but fits in a small bag orMore Info

Part Number: EGO-10376
Price: $22.00

eGO Cycle Classic and LX models replacement mirror. Fits both the left and right sides. Mirror is round with a black stem. Meets US DOT standards.More Info

Part Number: EGO-10508
Price: $6.00

eGO Cycle electric scooter motor brush cap. This is the smaller 20mm brush cap for older models. 20mm OD. We also carry the 24mm Motor Brush Cap.
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