Charger, Internal, 24V

  • Part Number: EGO-10029

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eGO Cycle electric scooter battery charger, 24 Volt 7 Amp (24VDC 7A). Replaces and upgrades older 24 Volt 5 Amp battery charger models. This internal on-board battery charger installs inside of the dash and comes with wires for interconnecting and LED indicator lights. This is the new Schauer model and should be an easy fit on all models of the eGO Cycle.

Indicator Lights Information:

  • Red light indicates that the scooter is plugged into the wall and the charger is receiving AC power.
  • Yellow light indicates that the battery is charging.
  • Green light indicates that the battery charger is in float mode stage.

Once the green light turns on it is recommended to leave the scooter plugged into the wall for a few more hours to equalize the charge in the float mode stage.

Old part number: 450-5002 / 2EC065A0006

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