Bulb, Headlight, 8 LED, 12V and 24V, EU

  • Part Number: EGO-10148

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LED Headlight Bulb for eGO Cycle LX electric scooter EU model headlights with 12V or 24V bulbs. Super Bright LED headlight bulb operates between 8-80 Volts so it replaces both 12 Volt and 24 Volt bulbs. Eight super bright LED lamps arranged in a 360-degree continuous loop output the equivalent light as a 70 Watt incandescent bulb and use 16 Watts.

Please note that this is a high/low beam headlight so when using it with the eGO EU model headlight only half of the LEDs will illuminate because the eGO scooter only has an on-off switch for the headlight and does not have a high-low beam selector switch. However, with half of its LEDs illuminated this bulb will be equivalent to a 35 Watt bulb so it will still be very bright. We are working on a conversion lamp holder for the EU headlight that will allow all of this bulbs LEDs to illuminate and we expect to have it listed soon.

We carry the EU Model Headlight that this bulb works with.

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